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We know what you’re thinking….what’s the catch? +

Are we right? Well, here's the catch: You do right by us and we'll do right by you.

We'll give you the rent back on our 48-hour guarantee, but not if you haven't paid your rent lately, smashed up the apartment, or keep everyone up all night with loud parties. (And please don't throw any televisions out of windows. There's no pool for them to land in.)

The guarantee applies to things in our control that we can easily do there and then. So if a lift is broken and a German manufacturer takes 5 days to get the part, there's not much we can do about that. But we shall stay on top of everything and make sure you're in the loop and know we're on it.

Click here to find out more detailed info about UNCLE's PROMISES.

Who’s behind UNCLE +

UNCLE is the brainchild of Ryan Prince, Vice Chairman of the Realstar Group. The company has owned over £2.5 billion worth of property in the UK's hotel, residential and student accommodation sectors. Having been around for over 40 years, Realstar Group is one of Canada's largest and most successful residential landlords. Today it operates approximately 25,000 apartments across the country. You can contact Ryan by emailing

What is included in the rent? +

The service provided by our resident management team is included in your rent. They do everything from welcoming you on the day you move in, to sorting out repairs and holding on to your parcel deliveries while you’re at work. They’re there to make your life better and easier. Use of the communal areas, which vary from property to property, is included in your rent. At UNCLE Stockwell internet is included. Generally day to day bills such as council tax, gas, electricity, water and internet are not included, but for utilities this has the benefit that you only pay for what you use. Don’t worry we’ll make it all crystal clear from the get-go.

What is the normal payment structure? +

We typically require a security deposit of six weeks’ rent. Rent is payable monthly in advance on the first day of the month. However, this can go up to 12 months in advance depending on your referencing and credit ability. We’ll try and be as flexible as we can.

What is my booking fee? +

If you book directly with us, there is no booking fee. That’s a big fat zero. Nada.

What other charges can I expect? +

If you book directly with us we’re fee free. You will be asked to pay a £250 holding deposit (refunded in your first month’s rent), 6 weeks’ security deposit (held in a registered deposit scheme and returned at the end of your tenancy, subject to check out) and your first month’s rent.

Do you charge extra for the gym and other amenities? +

No. Although there’s not a gym in every property, whatever amenity spaces you have on site are there for you to use free of charge. You’re free to roam.

What is the contract length? +

The standard contract length at all of our properties is 12 months. Different lengths may be available, just ask our Resident Managers.

Contracts typically begin on the 1st of the month and end 12 months later on the last day of the month. We're also happy to offer longer leases of up to 3 years with either inflationary or fixed increases (your choice), if you're interested?

How long does it take to move in from the viewing? +

We won’t keep you hanging around. Assuming all of your references are in order and deposit funds have been transferred, you can move in the following day!

What do I need for my references? +

  • 3 recent payslips
  • 3 months' bank statements
  • Employer letter
  • Passport – to confirm 'right to rent'
  • Previous landlord contact details

In some situations a guarantor may be required. The onsite team will let you know and give more details.

What happens if I move around? +

We get that circumstances change. New job. New relationship. So even if you're in the middle of a lease we'll let you move to another apartment, or even another one of our locations. (We only charge a redecoration contribution of £250 +VAT). You must be in good standing (i.e. paid your rent on time and not annoyed your neighbours) and have been living in an UNCLE property for at least 2 months before being able to request to move. You will need to give two months' notice on your existing property and getting you into a new place will be subject to the availability we have at the time.

Am I allowed pets? +

We don’t allow pets to live at our properties. We’re great mates with Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s home and could try and arrange an intro if you’re looking for a cuddle.

Is my internet included in the rent? +

We know that internet connection is super important to our residents. Internet is included in the rent at UNCLE Stockwell. The Resident Managers at each of our other properties will be able to advise about the costs and packages that are available. We're at the mercy of the providers but we make sure that we offer the highest internet speeds that we humanly can at each of our locations. In most cases we can get 100MB and in some we can now reach 1GB.

Do the apartments come fully furnished? +

Our apartments in Stockwell and Manchester come fully furnished.

New Cross is unfurnished. (Unless you're an extreme minimalist and like sleeping on the floor. Then it's furnished.)

Do I need a television licence? +

All homes in the UK require a television licence and your apartment is treated as a home under the licensing authority’s definition. It’s over to you to sort this out.

Do I have to pay council tax on top of my rent? +

Afraid so. Council tax payments must be paid on top of your rent and are payable to the borough you live in.

Interested in living with UNCLE? +

The apartments can be viewed at evenings and weekends so why not get in touch so we can arrange a viewing for you.

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