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A note from Chief UNCLE

Let's face it, renting a place to live in the UK is stuck in the dark ages.

You spend HALF your income on rent and still get treated like a second- class citizen – urgent repairs that take weeks, noisy/rude neighbours, ridiculous/made-up sounding fees…the list goes on. Worse still, just when you find the place for you, that's the day you get a call from the estate agent saying the owner is moving back to town and you need to be out in a month.

Every aspect of living in a big city has improved by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. The only thing that hasn't changed is renting a flat. With our background in hotels and renting in Canada for over 40 years, we've decided to get off the side-lines and be part of the solution.

UNCLE is that solution. It's a company that cuts out the corporate speak and applies common sense and hard work to give you what you rightly deserve for your hard-earned pounds. It's not about being perfect (or pretending to be). That's just impossible. It's about making real promises with consequences to us if we fail to deliver. We make mistakes, but we dust ourselves off and do our very best to fix your problems and delight you along the way.

Come and try us out. There are no tricks. If you don't like the apartment, we'll tear up the contract. I'm pretty sure you'll like us though :)

UNCLE Ryan Ryan Prince
Founder of UNCLE

Our Promises

Resident Managers

Our resident Managers typically live at each property. They'll do everything from welcoming you on the day you view the flat, to sorting out repairs and holding on to your parcel deliveries while you're at work.
They're there to make your life better and easier.

No Hidden Fees

Most agents and landlords charge £500, or more in admin and other made-up sounding fees.
We don't charge for any of those things.

Guaranteed Speedy Repairs

We'll fix any of your routine* repairs as soon as you tell us about them. If it's not fixed within 48 hours, we'll give you a day of rent back.

*routine means any repair our Resident Manager can do with a set of tools and supplies that are available from the local hardware shop.

Tear Up The Contract

If in the first two weeks you decide the apartment isn't right for you, we'll let you cancel the contract. No strings attached.

Sleep Around

We know circumstances change. New job. New relationship. So even if you're in the middle of your lease, we'll let you move to another apartment or even another one of our locations. We only charge £250 for additional paint and decoration.

100MB- 1GB internet

We're pretty much at the mercy of providers like BT, but so far we've been pretty successful at having our way! We make sure we offer the highest internet speeds that we humanly can at each of our locations. In most cases we can get 100MB and in some we can now reach 1GB.

Extra Perks

Longer Leases

Rescue Kits

Furnished / Unfurnished

Amenity Spaces

Realstar Group

UNCLE is a residential rental brand, a landlord that puts residents first. It is owned and managed by the Realstar Group, a Canadian real estate company with more than 40 years in the industry and 15 years in the UK. Realstar Group is a privately owned real-estate investment and property management business. The company, which came to the UK in 2002 from Canada, owns and manages in excess of $6 billion of assets. In Canada, Realstar is one of the country's most respected residential landlords with over 25,000 apartments across the country. Since 2002, it's UK operations has invested in the primary healthcare, student accommodation, hotel and rental residential sectors, including co-ownership of 13,000 hotel rooms throughout the UK.

Some other ways we've got our resident's back

  • Made.com

    We look to partner with the best organisations to get good deals for our residents. There is Made.com furniture in most of our furnished apartments and we've negotiated a great deal for our residents who want to order their own furniture through Made. As well as a discount our residents get free delivery and assembly of their products.

  • Rescue Pack

    We also keep rescue packs at each of our receptions – corkscrew broken? We can lend you one! Forgotten to buy razors and you need to shave for an important meeting – we've got a stash. There's not an endless supply but we'll help out wherever we can.

Helping Young People

Hyelm provides affordable accommodation to young people in entry level roles who would be unable to afford to rent in the private sector in London. The charity's work helps to prevent homelessness. The partnership with UNCLE means that Hyelm residents are able to secure affordable safe and well managed accommodation within the private sector, once they're ready to move on. Together we're making a big difference in the life of a young person.

Find Out More About The Hyelm Group
The Hyelm Group

You're in safe hands

We are a voluntary member of the key governing bodies, abiding by the strictest codes of practice. We also believe in fee transparency, helping you make informed decisions with no last minute surprises.

We're open
evenings and weekends

We know life gets busy which is why
we're open later and at weekends so you can
come take a look when you're available

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